About Nikon School

Nikon School in the UAE – a series of courses that aims to enhance the creative and technical skills of photographers, and educate them on different ways to use their camera.

It will offer courses that meet the needs and interests of participants from all levels.

Newcomers to the world of Digital SLR photography can enrol in the basic photography course which will cover the basics – from the camera’s layout and different models available, to lenses and other accessories. For more experienced photographers, the Nikon School will offer courses on how best to use different features of the camera including flash and the Creative Lighting System, as well as provide in-depth information on composition and technique.

The School will offer courses for professional photographers in the near future.

All classes will be taught by Nikon-certified instructors with at least five years of experience.

The prestigious Nikon School has branches world across the world including USA, UK, South Africa, Australia , India and Malaysia.

The training will be conducted Galleries 2 Building ((Siemens and Ericsson Building), Downtown Jebel , Dubai, U.A.E. Please click this link for the location map.

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